4-Port BBS on 386-40 mith 8MB and LINUX possible????

4-Port BBS on 386-40 mith 8MB and LINUX possible????

Post by Malte Kroeg » Sat, 20 Jan 1996 04:00:00


We are running an 6-Port BBS on 2*386-40 with 8MB each under QNX 2.X.
I was wondering, if Linux would be capabale of handling this on an old
mashine like that. We don't have the money for an upgrade right now.

Config: 386-40, ISA, 8MB, Arcnet, 2*IDE, 4*16550-Serial with Zyxel-Modems

ISDN is about to come too.

Malte Kroeger


1. 386-40 board for Linux

I have been running Linux on a 386SX-16 but switched to a 386-40
board.  Now Linux really loads fast, runs fast, and in general,
an even greater system to use!!

Is anyone interested in buying the extra boards I have??  It's
$199 plus shipping, prepay.  Includes AMD386-40 CPU and 64K
cache.  Board is made by BiTech (2/3 baby size) or Opti (baby
size) with AMI BIOS.  These are new boards.  I have one of each
running Linux and one of each available for sale.

I also have some 3/486 boards if you're interested but I have
not tried Linux on them yet.  These are local bus upgradable
motherboards.  I can't wait to put a local bus ET4000-compatible
card on a 486DX-50 running Linux!!

Email if you're interested in boosting Linux's power.  I will send
some specs out.  As I only have one each of the BiTech and OPTI
386-40 and three 3/486 boards, it'll be first come, first served.

Oh, yes, I have some SIMMs for these boards but not many.  With
the prices so high, I don't want to buy too many to keep on hand.
My boards that are running Linux now have 4MB and 8MB on them.
Like someone said, the more the merrier ;)

Scott Hou                          phone: 612-574-8660

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