Matrox Mystique Graphics Card and Slackware Linux

Matrox Mystique Graphics Card and Slackware Linux

Post by Scott Metke » Mon, 03 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Hi there.  I'm a little new to the world of the linux (used to use SCO,
but got a little fed up with their system..).  As for system
administration tasks, I'm quite lost.

Anyway, I'm a little puzzled with how to configure my Matrox Mystique
graphics accellerator.  I've read in other newsgroup posts that there
isn't really a driver/kernel that supports it, but I was wondering what
was the closest that people have come...

I'm using a Slackware 96 release (linux kernel 2.0.0) and the only
graphics option that I've been able to use so far is 16 color vga.  That
works just fine, but most of my X applications are a little inconvenient
for use on a screen that small (yeah, I know that the screen is larger
than the display and I can zoom around... but that kinda sucks).

Anyway, I'm not asking for a complete blueprint of how to install
graphics options under X here... I'd just like to know if I can HOPE for
a higher resolution.  If not, I'll waste my time doing something else
like picking my toenails...