plp config problem

plp config problem

Post by Olivier Bourqu » Tue, 10 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I have the S.u.S.e dist of linux and have installed plp and kicked
lprold off. I did it on 6 machines, and it worked fine with my own
/etc/printcap. But on the 7th machine, I can make a lp <file>, ok, but
it never prints. With lpq I get the following message:

Queue lp
Warning: queue is not active (no server present).
  Rank Owner    Pr  Job Host        Files

Where does it comes from ? All machines should be identical .



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I've read many of the posts concerning plp problems and I haven't heard any
mention of the glitch I'm having:
When I run lpd I get the error msg: syslog: LPD lpd: open /usr/spool/lpd/  failed no such file or dir...(no kidding :)
It dies with this error and creates two empty files:

I have the hosts.equiv file and the 'lp    35/tcp' entry in 'services'.  I've
played with princap entrys and the locations of excutables, whatever I could
think of, but nothing seems to make any difference in this error message.  Any
clues would be much appericated.  I am, currently, clueless. :)


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