sndconfig recognized soundcard but then wrote a modules.conf file that did not work

sndconfig recognized soundcard but then wrote a modules.conf file that did not work

Post by Shaw » Tue, 24 Sep 2002 04:28:40

    Quite a while ago I was using redhat 7.1 and finally got sound to
work, but  I used the wrong driver.  Recently, when I upgraded to
redhat 7.3 I thought I would see if I could get sndconfig to recognize
my sound card and get the real driver and maybe improve my sound.  So
last night I ran sndconfig again.  This time it identified my
soundcard, played the sound for me and everything was great!  But this
morning after rebooting, I got error messages saying  "I could not
start your sound device, check to make sure you have permissions set
correctly for /dev/mixer" (I think that was the device).  Then finally
I got the an error stating that possibly my sound card was not
configured correctly.  I apologize for the vagueness on the errors.  I
went back in and changed to the old /etc/modules.conf and my sound
works again.  Here is the diff between the old (<) and new (>) files:

< alias sound-slot-0 sb

Quote:> alias sound-slot-0 nm256_audio

< options sound dmabuf=1
< alias synth0 opl3
< options opl3 io=0x388
< options sb io=0x220 mpu_io=0x330 dma=0 irq=5

so apparently nm256_audio was supposed to replace all the other stuff.
 But it didn't.  Do I just need to add some of the old options back,
or is there possibly something wrong with the driver? My computer is
an HP OmniBook 4150 laptop computer.  According to the RedHat hardware
browser I have a "MagicMedia 256AV Audio soundcard.

Thank you for any help that you can give me!

Shawn Young


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