Losing secondary IDE after a shutdown

Losing secondary IDE after a shutdown

Post by Bill Oswal » Sat, 01 Mar 1997 04:00:00

I run redhat 4.0 and win95 on a tyan tomcat II motherboard. My CD is
connected to the secondary IDE as master. If I issue a shutdown -t now
-r and let the machine boot into windows I no longer can see my CD. Win
95 shows the secondary IDE as not working. If I issue a shutdown -t now
-h then press the reset button and boot into win95 all is well. Has
anyone else seen this?

Also, I have asked this before and received several answers but no one
has answered the basic question. Can I attach my CD to my soundblasters
IDE port (third IDE). I know I can pass options to lilo (I use loadlin)
the point is, can I attach the CD to the soundblaster and install RH 4.1
for example. Was there a way for me to install 4.0 cd with the above

Bill Oswald


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