Accessing the floppy drive in RH6.0

Accessing the floppy drive in RH6.0

Post by Ilkka Karasal » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

In RH6.0 a non-root user can be given access to
the floppy drive  by making the user a member of
the 'floppy' group, by

gpasswd -a fred floppy

This has the effect that the user 'fred' upon
logging in becomes the owner of all the files
/dev/fd*  and has the exclusive read and write
access to these files.  

However, in my RH6.0 system the ownership of
these files is changed back after a while to
'root' - apparently spontaneously, i.e. without
any login/logout activity on the system !?

This is, of course, a nuisance since as the only
user of my system I want my access rights to the
floppy to last until I log out.

What can be done about this ?

Ilkka Karasalo

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1. Unable to access or mount hard drive/floppy drive from Rescue mode


I am trying to boot my Red Hat 6.2 system (PIII 450 Mhz, linux kernel
version 2.2.16) into Rescue mode by booting from the floppy drive, without
accessing the hard drive.  (This is because when I boot into Rescue mode for
real, I will have just formatted the linux filesystems on the hard drive,
and the root partition will not contain a /etc/fstab file. Hence
all the filesystems, including the root filesystem, will not be able to be
mounted.)  FYI, I'm using LILO to dual boot the machine between Win 98 and
Linux; hda1 is FAT32, while hda2 is linux swap and hda3 is linux native
(type 83),

With the Red Hat 6.2 Install CD in the local CD drive and the Red Hat
Install floppy in the floppy drive, I am able to boot into Rescue mode (by
entering "linux rescue" at the "boot:" prompt from the floppy).  (Due to
lack of BIOS support, the system cannot be booted directly from the CD.)

My problem is that after I get the bash shell prompt, I am unable to
mount or otherwise access any of the filesystems on  my hard drive
(/dev/hda1, /dev/hda3) or the floppy drive  (/dev/fd0).  In fact, in the
directory, the /dev/hda1, /dev/hda3 and /dev/fd0 devices don't even exist.

Does anybody know how I can boot into Rescue mode subject to the following
- Booting cleanly from the floppy,
- Without accessing  the hard drive during the boot process,
- But being able to manually access/mount the hard drive filesystems and the
floppy drive after booting.


Dave J.

P.S.  I also tried using the mkbootdisk command to create a boot floppy.
Booting from this floppy failed (kernel panic error message) when the root
filesystem could not be mounted.

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