2 lpd running?

2 lpd running?

Post by Geremy F » Wed, 06 Aug 1997 04:00:00


I am fairly new to Linux.
When I boot my machine, and do a ps -ax, I see the lpd daemon
running twice.
I notice that S60lpd.init is present in rc2.d, rc3.d, and rc5.d.
(RedHat Linux 4.2)

Any Ideas?




1. lpd running, but not working?

        GW2000 P5-90 with QIC-80 tape, 1 GB disk, 8 MB RAM, ATI Mach64 VGA
        Epson dot matrix printer on parallel port (/dev/lp0).

        Slackware 2.0, just about everything installed, updated to
        1.1.47 kernel (to get support for 1 GB disk), applied setreuid

        /etc/printcap has all entries commented out except the last (dot
        matrix printer on lp0).

        - lpd started from /etc/rc scripts, and runs
        - lpr work just like "cat > /dev/null"
        - lpc says no jobs pending, no daemon running!

        - Killing/restarting lpd causes lpc to report deamon is running,
          but lpr still doesn't print anything.

        - I see no files appearing under /var/spool/*

        - As root, I can cat files into /dev/lp0 and they do come out on
          the printer just fine.  In fact, that's how I've had to print (I
          wrote a two line program to turn \n into \r\n).

Any clues?

Thanks in advance,

Mike Lindner

Mike Lindner

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