lpr to win95?

lpr to win95?

Post by Sng Swee Kea » Thu, 04 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I managed to hook up my Linux machine to my bro's win95 machine using a
couple of cheapo NE2000 cards. We can ping each other, he can telnet,
ftp, etc to my machine, and he can even run X progs from my machine using
a Windows X server. What I'm not sure is, can I lpr to a deskjet printer
on his Win95 machine? If so, how do I go about setting it up?

Sng Swee Keat


1. LPR Nightmare WIN95 to Solaris 2.3... HELP

Last time you saw a message from me, I was looking for nfs programs...
Well, I am in the middle of testing WRQ reflection 2 program for win 95...
So far very impressive program.
Anyway, here is something support and I have not figure out yet what is
going on:
I can not print using LPR to the laser printer connected to my UNIX Server
running Solaries 2.3.  The LPR screens appears to see the Compaq and the
status of the printer, but when we send a simple ASCII file it shows up on
the reflection LPR spooler and disappear in less of a second.  but nothing
never gets to the printer.

Now, I am able to print (LPR) to two other printers I have attached to PC's
running win 3.1 and pctcp 3.0 for win 3.1 with no problems... I spoke with
sun support this AM and they mention that win 95 and the Solaris lpched are
not compatible, but the guy was not sure...

I am able to LPR to the server printer if I use win 3.1 and pctcp 3.0...
Has anyone gone through this same scenario?

Look like migrating to 95 on my environment is not going to be easier...

Please e-mail


Steve J. Morao BSMIS
Systems Analyst


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