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Does Linux support Wake-on-LAN facility that's available on certain




1. 3c905c with Wake-on-lan ?

Re: Does Linux support 3c905C ?

Has anyone gotten the 3com 3c905c-TX with the wake-on-lan feature to work
with linux?  just dont work with redhat 6.2 (2.2.14-5.0) 3c90x or 3c59x

i think it was working with linux 2.2.12 and 3c59x driver...

getting a different net card isnt the best of options... i want to get
Wake-on-Lan to work!

thanks dudz!



  if its any consolation. My 3c905C works great with Linux Mandrake (auto
detected no
  probs), but Corel Linux will not detect it or apparently work with it. I
have almost given up
  with Corel which seems a shame as I like the feel so far.

A few weeks ago I tried to install RH6.1 on a box with a 3c509c which worked
under Windows.
I could not make it work until I swapped it with another 3c509c which lacked
the wake-on-lan
feature; RH6.1 then worked immediately.



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