Adaptec 1535 driver for Linux?

Adaptec 1535 driver for Linux?

Post by Henry Y » Fri, 07 May 1999 04:00:00

>Is there an Adaptec 1535 SCSI driver for Linux and if so, where can I find it?
>I tired the AHA-152x and AHA-1542 bootdisk drivers, but they fail to find the
>card. Please help.

i've worked with two models of the 1535; the original 1535 was just a
1542C with the bios chip scraped off (it was otherwise externally
identical to a 1542C), and the 1535A, which is a smaller and newer design.

the former is definitely equivalent to the 1542C (but with no bios,
so no boot or on-board config).  i think (but am not sure) that i've
also verified that the newer model is the same.  in either case,
you probably have to run the adaptec boot config program to set
the port/dma/irq/pnp to one of the value sets that the 1542 linux
driver supports.  the original 1535 boot config was actually
a bootable diskette.  i suspect that the 1535 could also be configured
when using the on-board config of another adaptec card in the same
Henry Yen
Hicksville, NY  (yes, there really is a "Hicksville"...)


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Thanks in advance,


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