Installation of MusicTeX

Installation of MusicTeX

Post by Bruce Stou » Thu, 26 Oct 1995 04:00:00

I am using a Slackware 2.3 Linux and would like to install the MusicTeX
package to typeset music scores.  Although this is not included in the
standard Slackware TeX, the package does exist on the second InfoMagic disk as
part of /apps/tex/ntex-1.5/ntex-f1/ntm-must.pkg.  The Slackware package tool
doesn't want to install this, even though the basic TeX package seems to have
come from NTeX.  I un-tar'ed ntm-must.pkg and got a set of METAFONT mf files,
a set of macros and a set of examples.  Can I install these by hand?  (This
must be like the case of designing your own fonts and macros!) Otherwise, is
there a way of tricking Slackware into installing the package as a whole?

Thanks for your help!!!


1. MTeX and/or MusicTeX

Hi there,

   I would like like to draw some musical notes with TeX/LaTeX (preferable with
the latter) and came across the MTeX and MusicTeX packages which are both
available under Linux using the NTeX (version 2.1) distribution.

(a) I compiled the example for MTeX but when I came across my own song, I found
out that for all notes below 1/4 (1/8, 1/16, 1/32, etc.) the wiggle (?) does not
show up for lines (?) pointing downwards. I looked into but could not
fix the problem. Is there is patch or workaround for this?

(b) When I tried to compile the MusicTeX examples with LaTeX (NTeX 2.1) I get a
Segmentation fault in LaTeX and the process stops.

Thanks in advance,
  Dr. Gerald Ristow                     "So long and thanks for all the fish!"
  Fachbereich Physik
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