partition sizes ???

partition sizes ???

Post by Joe D'Urs » Mon, 10 Feb 1997 04:00:00

I am currently running both Linux and Windows 95.  When I originally
started using Linux, about 8 months ago, I only made 2 Linux partitions
- a 16MB swap, and a 524MB root partition.  Since I have become more
involved w/ Linux and have grown to appreciate its stabillty (as opposed
to Windows 95's lack of stability), I have decided to devote more of my
hard disk space to Linux.  
        I believe that I am going to devote my enitre 1GB hard disk to Linux.
I was wondering if anyone could offer any advice as to "how" I should
partition it - when I say "how" I don't mean what steps to take - I mean
"how many paritions?", "where in the Linux filesystem should I mount
them", "how much space should I allocate for my /usr directory, my /home
directories, etc"
        Any advice would be greatly appreciated . . .




1. Mount size wrong with Partition size.

I am new at Solaris, and I think I am doing something completley wrong.
Anyway, I am trying to install Oracle 8, and I need to mount the /U01
/U02 /U03 and /U04 volumes.  There currently is an empty extra drive
/c0t8d0 that is 9GB.  I went under the format utility and set unassigned
partitions at 2GB each.  when I go to mount them, they only are 124MB
each.  I tried changing the partition size to even 50MB, but still when
I mounted it only came to 124MB.

I have no clue whats going on. I mount them as a ufs file system.  I
just started working with Solaris 2 months ago and I am fairly new to
the Unix environment.  I am either mounting the partitions wrong, or
missing a step somewhere.  The command line I use to mount is:
mount -F ufs /dev/dsk/c0t8d0s4 /u01

Thanks in advance.

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