Sound on Toshiba Tecra 530 CDT laptop

Sound on Toshiba Tecra 530 CDT laptop

Post by Niklas Jonsso » Wed, 06 May 1998 04:00:00

I'm trying to get sound in Linux running on Toshiba Tecra 530 CDT
laptop, but with no success so far. Has anybody been down this road



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I am trying to get the sound working on my toshiba tecra 8000 laptop..
  The sound driver that it uses under windows is "Yamaha OPL3-SAx " but
thought it says free bsd 5.0 supports this i cant get it to work.

I have read the handbook and done as it says.... i have enabled "device
pcm" in my kernel config file and recompiled installed etc (how long!!!)
   I then did as it says a "grep pcm" on the dmesg file, and it had no
reference... which from wot i gather means that it isnt loading the
module.  So after further reading tried adding the "options pnpbios" but
that wont run config it says its not a valid option... from what i now
gather freebsd 5.0 includes this as default?

Any way i dont know what to try now... any ideas?

I have trauled google/groups and cant find anythin.. but i have found a
post from some one that says they have got a tecra 8000 fully working
with sound...

Hope you can help

Thanks Stu

ps I dont know if this will help but my bios settings for sound are

WSS IO Address = 530H
SBPro IO Address = 220H
Synthesizer IO Address = 388H
WSS & SBPro & MPU401 IRQ Level = IRQ5
WSS(Play) DMA = Channel 1
WSS(Rec.) & SBPro DMA = Channel 0
Control I/O Address = 538H
MPU401 (Midi I/F) = 330H

I also have an option in bios
but this can also be Setup By Os ... neither of which work but not sure
which would be best.

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