Cirrus PCMCIA problems while installing RH 5.1 on laptop

Cirrus PCMCIA problems while installing RH 5.1 on laptop

Post by Kjell Alleste » Tue, 02 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Hello all!

I get an error message while trying to install RH 5.1 on my laptop. It says
"Cirrus PD6729 found with 2 sockets" and reboots!

Anyone knows what to do??

/Kjell A


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All -

I have a fujitsu lifebook that I used to have  RedHat 5.0
on it.  Upgraded to Redhat 5.1 on this box, and I no longer
have PCMCIA working on here.  

At first, the computer would just hang when trying to start PCMCIA
during bootup.  

I then downloaded the supplimental diskette found at
and installed it (I procedure may have been wrong)

Now, when I try starting up, I get:

 modprobe cant locate module binfmt-0

during startup.  

The rest of the Linux installation seems to be fine.

Hayulp please!


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