Installation problems with RedHat 5.2

Installation problems with RedHat 5.2

Post by Joseph M. Liningto » Tue, 12 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I downloaded the Redhat release 5.2. I followed all of the directions
except that I could not justify downloading almost 100MB of howto's for
languages that I don't speak. Now I get an error during setup "Error
Opening Directory" It is recognizing the tree for the setup 'cause I get
a different error for that. Could it be that I didn't download some of
the RPM's in the RPMS directory. Does anyone know of a way around this?

Thank You in advance for any help.


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I recently downloaded redhat 5.2 from a ftp server. I've downloaded the
RPMS, base, images, instimage, dosutils and some howto's. i've created the
bootdisks with rawrite. Boot goes fine, make the 2 partitions goes also
fine. But then I'm asked for the directory containing the installation
files. I've put those on a dos fat16 partition in the directory redhat, and
the other dirs as subdir. If I enter that path, I get a message frive hda5
doesn't contain a redhat installation tree.

Does anybody know what I did wrong????


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