Xproblem with RH5 and video card

Xproblem with RH5 and video card

Post by Jason Webe » Thu, 23 Jul 1998 04:00:00


I am not having a whole lot of luck getting Linux installed on my
machine. I bought a new 333 with DVD
and it came with this Toshiba MPACT2 video card. I have gone through the
RH installation support
and they told me that it was an unsupported card, good luck. Not a lot
of help. My question is, is there
anything left that I can do besides waiting until they decide to write a
driver for my card?

I was able to get some information when I ran SuperProbe:
chipset: Yamaha 6388 VPDC
RAMDAC: Generic 8bit pseudo-color DAC

I do not want to continue running windows as I work all day long with
Solaris and can't get a damn
thing done when I get home. If the answer to my question is that I have
to wait, can someone point
me in the direction of how to program my own driver? I do a lot of
internet programming with C and
Perl and could give it a try if it is something less that brain surgery.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Hello there!

I recently bought a computer to run linux on it. It's sad to say it but i
did not really take care of the video card (although i knew how important it
is 8( ). Actually my video card is an SiS 530/5595 (built-in chipset). I
went on the SiS server (www.sis.com.tw) where i found a small note for linux
useres. They say that linux drivers are available for the 5597, 5598, 62...

So, i would like to know if someone in this newsgroup have experience with
this chipset.

I can run Xwindows but only with 320x200 which is not workable!

Any help is (as always!) welcome.

Thanks in advance,


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