Using intr. USR 28K8 with linux

Using intr. USR 28K8 with linux

Post by B. James Phillipp » Tue, 19 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Quote:> Hi--

> I recently changed my zyxel 16k8 modem for an internal USR 28k8 modem.
> It's on ttyS3, irq 5, however when booting the kernel reports that
> it's on irq 3 (which is used ny another device).
> How do I tell linux that ttyS3 is on IRQ 5 ??
> I can't use DIP and uucice anymore because of this, I get overruns and
> CHAT timeouts all the time. Really quite anoying because I  can't SLIP
> anymore, neither read my e-mail offline.

Unfortunately, I can't immediately solve your problem, but I can give a
few pointers.  Look in /etc/rc.d/rc.serial at the serial line setup, and
maybe the manpage on setserial.  Also, the serial-HOWTO is very useful.  
All are on sunsite mirrors.
Hope this is more helpful than frustrating, and good luck!

-B. James Phillippe

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