Setting up PPP routing with no routing (Huh?)

Setting up PPP routing with no routing (Huh?)

Post by Uwe Hah » Tue, 08 Jul 1997 04:00:00


I would like to give certain users on my linux system through a modem
using the PPP server.  My current setup work just fine, but:

I am hooked to my provider via an ISDN link and I do not want the PPP
peer on the modem to access any other computer than my own server; e.g.
I would like to set up the routing tables for the PPP link in such a way
that no connection over the dial-out line is possible.

The problem being: The users logging in on my PC should have all the
permissions of my local users and I don't want to change the routing in
such a way that it will affect my LAN at home in which the same users
may have access to the internet.

I have a subnet with 8 IP addresses (netmask and set up
routing for my ISDN devices.  How can I use routed to disallow routing
from the PPP IF?

Can someone suggest a solution?

Thanks a lot,


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