New user: various questions

New user: various questions

Post by Alan Murre » Fri, 27 Sep 1996 04:00:00

Hi.  I am jst startingto use the Linux OS, and *really* like it.
However, the book I have only explains so much.  Here are my questions
(any and all answers appreciated, preferably via email):

1) How do I run certain programs (dip, gunzip, tar, etc) as regular
user rather than root?  Is it even possible?

2) I downloaded Netscape v2.02 for Linux, and followed the
instructions in the Linux manual that I have (gunzip it, un-tar it,
etc), however, when I type "netscape", it doesn't run.  I tried to
enable it thru the File Manager, but that didn't help any.  I even
followed the instructions in the README fil, and moved the "nls"
directory that get's created into the directory "/usr/X386/lib/X11",
but that still hasn't helped.  What am I doing wrong?  I would
appreciate it if someone who has done this could give me precise,
step-by-step instructions.

Thanx.  I may be back for more....


1. Various not quite so new user things

Ok - I've got PPC2k set up very nicely now running all the stuff I want ;
Sendmail, Apache and Appleshare

However a few minor annoyances which I hope someone could help me out with:

1.  I can't switch to using KDE or Another level - if I choose them from the
GNOME login window it just brings the login window back. Also I can use the
Another level apps and  stuff from the Gnome menu but none of the KDE ones

2.  Is it possible to use Appleshare over IP as in ASIP 5/6 or can it only
be done over AppleTalk

3. Can you access Mac volumes on the network from a Linux box and if so
where's the best place to find out how to do it

If anyone has any ideas/answers to the above I'd be very welcome

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