Checking fs: lose/lose situation...

Checking fs: lose/lose situation...

Post by Robert Woodco » Mon, 09 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Thanks for all your previous answers to my questions! You all seem so
knowledgable, I know you can answer this one... :)

I don't have my computer with me (it's 45 miles away) so I'm recalling
error messages from memory.

When I boot up (from /dev/hda6, booted from boot manager) everything goes
fine except for 2 errors:

Floppy drive:
/dev/fd0 not a block device.
mount point /fd does not exist.

Hard drive:
Warning! partition /dev/hda6 already mounted read-write! Cannot check!
<blah, blah, blah> To fix this, add a line read-only to lilo.conf...

So, I tried that. When I rebooted, I thanked myself for having a
bootkernel disk handy because this is what I saw:

Cannot mount file-system read-write! This is going to cause serious
problems... <blah, blah>

I think my /etc/fstab goes like this:

/       /dev/hda6       ext2    0       0       1
/fd     /dev/fd0        msdos   0       0       2
/dosc   /dev/hda1       msdos   0       0       2
/os2d   /dev/hda5       hpfs    ro      0       2
/cdrom  /dev/hdc        iso9660 ro      0       2

Has anyone else had a problem like this and (more importantly) how did
you fix it?

        I will only have net access until Sunday (My dad sent me
to a boarding school with no net access, and I'm on weekend leave) so if you
mail me, make it quick or prepare to wait a couple weeks for an answer.