Installation of Redhat OR Slack...

Installation of Redhat OR Slack...

Post by AlienO » Tue, 30 Jun 1998 04:00:00

I have been trying to install either one of the above.. and they BOTH
freeze after I boot the boot disk..

Slack does this:

I boot the boot disk *bare.i* it goes through LILO fine.. then it asks
for extra parameters.. I need none so I hit enter.. it loads disks into
ramdisk.. then detects some stuff.. then FREEZES on the line that says
this:  "Started kswapd. v1.4.2.2" any ideas? Also it says a few lines up
from the line that it freezes on.. it says this:  "Unable to handle
kernel NULL Pointer dereference at virtual address... C0000849".. I am
at a toal lose of what to do.. :)

RedHat does this:

basically the same damn thing... except it freezes on a different line..
ANY help would be GREATLY GREATLY appreciated!!!


Installation of Redhat OR Slack...

Post by Richard Stein » Wed, 01 Jul 1998 04:00:00

spake unto us, saying:

Quote:>I have been trying to install either one of the above.. and they BOTH
>freeze after I boot the boot disk..

We might be able to help if you describe which specific versions of
both Slackware and Red Hat you're trying to install, and ALSO some info
about the hardware you're trying to install on!!!

Your original posting gives us almost nothing at all to go on.  :-(


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1. Slack OR Redhat installation....

I posted a message earlier.. it said the following.. *read that then
scroll down for the rest of the message*:

well someone has brought it to my attention that I didn't mention
anything about my hardware.. so here goes.

-486DX4 - 100mhZ
-40 MB RAM
-540 MB IDE HD
-3.2 GIG IDE HD -split into 2 drives using EZ-Drive which are my D: & E:
-2 MB Video Card
-14.4 kbps modem on a 16-Bit soundcard
-33.6 kbps modem *pnp.. jumperless.. which probably won't work in linux*
-4x IDE cd-rom

I believe that is about it... again if anybody can help me out it would
be greatly appreciated!!! :) L8erz

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