First boot after installation hangs - help!

First boot after installation hangs - help!

Post by Nasir Memo » Mon, 14 Dec 1998 04:00:00

 I installed 5.1. Everything went smooth. But when I boot I get Kernel
Panic. I have two disks  - scsi and ide. linux is on scsi but
ide is bootable in bios so lilo installed in mbr of the ide drive.
ide also has win 98. win 98 boots fine. when i try to boot linux, it
hangs as the scsi disk (i think) is not detected. maybe kernel is not
including appropriate modules for scsi. how come? during installation
scsi was detected and the all of linux was installed on it. is red hat
5.1 so crappy or am i doing something wrong? i would appreciate any
help! by the way, i have two scsi cards, one ultra wide for the disk
and one for the jaz/zip drives.



First boot after installation hangs - help!

Post by Dennis Graha » Mon, 14 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Well I try 5.2 RedHat install everything. Went to run x and nothing?
So if its the future software why is it a pain to get going? Help


1. Hangs at first phase of boot, help!

I'm trying to install Linux on a 486DX2/66 with 16MB RAM, IDE hard disk with
more than 1024 cylinders, PCI+VLB+ISA mainboard (I know this is strongly not
recomended, but the shop said they would replace it for a VLB+ISA if it fails
to work with Linux), Soundblaster with on board Adaptec 152x, #9 GXE64 with
4MB VRAM (PCI), NE2000 ethernet card, SCSI CD-ROM drive (Matsushita) and an HP
DAT drive.

I have used the October Infomagic CD-ROM which contains Slackware 2.0.1 with
kernel 1.1.50. The boot disk contains kernel 1.0.9 and I use "hd=1048,16,63
aha152x=0x340,11,7,1" as the kernel command line. The whole thing boots fine,
I partition the drive with fdisk (keeping under cylinder 1024 for the root
partition just to make sure) and install a minimum config with setup. I add
the append="..." and linear statements to the lilo.conf and install it on the
MBR (I also tried a floppy).

When I boot off the hard disk, the kernel is loaded fine, it finds the serial
ports (I have 4), lp_init does it's stuff and it arrives at the "Calibrating
delay loop... ok - 33.22 BogoMips" (it seems to me this should be 66.xx !?! )
and then it hangs!!

I then borrowed the December Infomagic CD-ROM which contains Slackware 2.1.0
with kernel 1.1.54. The boot disk also contains kernel 1.1.54 and guess
what... it hangs after the "Calibrating delay loop... ok - 33.22 BogoMips"! So
this time I can't even try installing anything. At least it seems that it
wasn't something I was doing wrong in the installtion process.

Why doesn't it work with the newer kernels ? Is it the PCI based mainboard
which is causing the problem ?

Please help me... thanks in advance.



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