Linux Pro 4.0 or Red Hat 4.0

Linux Pro 4.0 or Red Hat 4.0

Post by Jim Chane » Wed, 30 Oct 1996 04:00:00

I was just about to order my Red Hat 4.0 disk the yesterday when I found
another distribution called "Linux Pro.  It says it is based from the Red Hat
3.0.3 and parts of other distributions.  Has anyone ever used Linux Pro 4.0
or installed it, and how does it compare to Red Hat 4.0?  Linux Pro comes in
a 6 CD set for $49.99, and I can get Red Hat for $36.00 for just 1 CD.  I
have to make my decision soon because this money is burning a hole in my
pocket and if I don't get it now I'll spend it on something else.  In the
announcment for Linux Pro 4.0 it says it includes all the software needed to
set up a complete Internet Service Provider (ISP) system, PC-LAN or a
personal Internet access station.  But are these programs any good or are
they just some generic slaped together to make money deal.  Red Hat says it
comes with all the software for the same purposes, but it gives names and
descriptions of each program.  I need your help so, if you can email me the
responce so I can make my decision faster, thanks...

P.S. The description page for Linux Pro 4.0
Name: Jim Chaney



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