VNC: Couldn't open RGB_DB '/usr/lib/X11/rgb.txt'

VNC: Couldn't open RGB_DB '/usr/lib/X11/rgb.txt'

Post by Huy V » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Hi all,

I found this error message in ~/.vnc/*.log.

I can open '/usr/lib/X11/rgb.txt' with 'vi' or read it with 'more' or 'cat'
command. Everyone can access this file.

Does someone see this error message before with VNC?

Thanks  in advance for any help.



1. Viper: Couldn't open RGB_DB '/usr/X386/lib/X11/rgb'

Hi all!

I've been playing with this mono viper X server, and am having some
trouble getting it to work properly.

Here's what I've done:
    got the viper beta server from tsx-11
    installed the standard XF86_Mono server from slackware
    copied Xconfig from the beta server to /usr/lib/X11
    copied beta freq to /usr/bin/X11
    copied beta XF86_Mono to /usr/bin/X11
    copied beta startx to /usr/bin/X11
    made symbolic link /usr/bin/X11/X to point to /usr/bin/X11/XF86_Mono

Now, if I type startx, the X cursor and root window comes up with an
xterm and no window manager (since, at the moment I have no xinitrc
file).  I then start fvwm and get a series of
    can't parse color black
    can't parse color white
errors.  (twm gives a similar error).  The virtual desktop appears, and
the xterm gets a title bar.  Unfortunately, the title bar is solid
black, as is the virtual desktop.  The menus you get by clicking on the
root are also solid black.  Upon terminating X, I notice the error
    Couldn't open RGB_DB '/usr/X386/lib/X11/rgb'
At first I thought this was because the file it was looking at was
called rgb.txt and not rgb.  So I changed it to just plain rgb .  This
didn't help.  So I edited Xconfig to point the RGBPath at
but this didn't work either.  I fiddled around, creating directories
called rgb and passing command line arguments of various sorts and
looking at the system.fvwmrc file and so forth, but haven't fixed

Is the mono server supposed to generate this message?  I presume I'm not
supposed to get solid black title bars.  Is this most likely a bug in
the beta driver, or am I overlooking something?  I realize Diamond
products have incurred the wrath of the Linux community (probably
justly), but since I've already got it, I'd like to make it work as well
as possible.

Thanks for all your help!  


(Michael Higgins)

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