Problem: latex2html + dvips under Slackware Linux

Problem: latex2html + dvips under Slackware Linux

Post by Humberto Jose Bortoloss » Sun, 02 Mar 1997 04:00:00


I've installed latex2html in our Sun SPARCstation 20 running Solaris
without problem. Now, I'm trying to install it in my home pc  running
Slackware Linux 96.1. Since Linux has Ghostscript and perl, I've
only NETPBM and latex2html sources.

install-test says all is ok.

But ... When I try to run latex2html over a*document with formulas
I get a lot of errors. It seems dvips cannot find fonts and tfm files.
Here is the log:

Generating postscript images using dvips ...
dvips -M -S 1 -i -o 1630_image images.dvi
This is dvipsk 5.58f Copyright 1986, 1994 Radical Eye Software
' Tex output 1997.02.28:0847' -> 1630_image
kpathsea: Appending font creation commands to missfont.log.
dvips: Font cmbx10 not found, characters will be left blank.
dvips: Can't open font metric file cmbx10.tfm
dvips: I will use cmr10.tfm instead, so expect bad output.
dvips: ! I can't find cmr10.tfm; please, reinstall me with proper paths
Error: No such file or directory
/usr/local/latex2html/pstogif -depth 1  -scale 1.6  -out img4.gif
Cannot find file

But these fonts are generated and they are in the
/var/texmf/texfonts/pk/localfont directory. The stranger thing is
I may compile images.tex (generated by latex2html) using the command

dvips images.dvi

I've tried for two hours to make dvips to locate the fonts but no

Could someone help me????

I've heard NTeX implemetation that comes with Linux is not a good one.
Is this a problem of NteX? dvips?

Thank you very much, Humberto.


Problem: latex2html + dvips under Slackware Linux

Post by Lyndon Hi » Wed, 05 Mar 1997 04:00:00

: I've heard NTeX implemetation that comes with Linux is not a good one.
: Is this a problem of NteX? dvips?

It is officially broken.

Get TeTex <?>.

Sounds like you have a path problem with your latex.

Lyndon Hill

                     Windows 95 - Lamer Exterminator remixed              


1. dvips problem on slackware 3.1

I have been frustrated by this problem myself.  I ended up solving it
by downloading the TeX distribution in source code format from the
slackware-source directory on any Slackware Linux distribution site.
At first I spent a lot of time trying just to fix dvips; I came up
with an executable that worked until I moved in into the /usr/bin/dvips
location where is normally resides; it them started some nonsense about
cannot find or something like that.  So, I ended up
the slackware TeX package, and doing a make all; make install on the
distribution.  Everything seems fine now.

I was always under the impression that the slackware-source contained
code exactly as had been used to compile Slackware, so I was a litlte
when the dvips as compiled "out of the box" didn't have the same
defined in the Makefile as slackware actually uses.


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