Unble to detect the HD while installing RedHat LINUX 7.2 into a M/C with SCSI controllers

Unble to detect the HD while installing RedHat LINUX 7.2 into a M/C with SCSI controllers

Post by Lekhendro Sin » Sat, 04 May 2002 16:50:16

Hi ,
     My problem is unble to detect the Hard Disk while installing
LINUX RedHat 7.2 on a machine , which was having NT before.I have
deleted all the partitions (to remove the NTFS files systems) with
delpart and created new partitions.Formatted to FAT16.
    My m/c is using SCSI controllers  - SYM53C875 and SYM53C810
(product names), for which i downloaded the drivers for RedHat LINUX
7.1 (since the driver for 7.2 was not available to the site ) from the
" http:/people.redhat.com/arjanv/rhl71/ncrsym " (i.e. dd.img-i686.gz ,
since for Petium II machines) and the required precudures that is -
unziping the file and copying in raw format using "dd if=dd.img-i686
of=dev/fd0" command into a floppy disk.Even after doing all this i am
still unble to proceed the installation, after the step of options for
disk partitioning (after selecting one of the three options from i.e.
Automatic partioning, Disk Druid and Expert partitioning) with an
error message that ----- "An Error has occurred - unable to detect the
device to create a new file system into it.Please Check the Hardware
part." and terminates the installation there itself.
   Any idea for the above problem.Any site for the above SCSI drivers
SYM53C875 aand SYM53C810 for RedHat LINUX 7.2?



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I'm having troubles to upgrade Linux in a HP Kayak XU with Pentium III
processor. Currently it has RedHat 7.1 and I want to upgrade it to RedHat
7.2. My system has a SEAGATE ST39103LW SCSI hard disk.

Just after choosing upgrade installation, the installer gives me the
message: "You don't have any linux partition, you can't upgrade this
system". This is not possible as my system has RedHat 7.1 which was
installed without any problem at all.

I switched to the text terminal where I checked /dev to find that there is
no scsi device there (sda) as it is in the system when it runs its current
version of Linux, I think that the installer doesn't find it for some
reason. The messages shown in terminal 4 show that the drivers were loaded
(aic7xxx and sym53c8xx).

Could anybody help me to solve this problem or find a workaround?


Marco A. Morales

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