Slakware 3.0 Problems - Segmentation Fault

Slakware 3.0 Problems - Segmentation Fault

Post by Bill Kenne » Thu, 08 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I have a Dell P100 with a Number Nine 9FX Motion 771 video card and a Hitachi
IDE CD-ROM drive.  I have two IDE hard drives.  

I have been having one hell of a time getting Slakware 3.0 loaded correctly.  
I have done a million retries of the setup procedure, re-formatted the
partition I'm using for Linux about 5 times.  My first problem seemed to be
some kind of incompatability with my CD-ROM drive, because while I was running
setup I'd get all kinds of errors from the untar command running behind the
scenes saying "Skipping to next header..."  Finally, I resorted to loading the
entire slakware dist on my dos partition and installing from there.  

Everything seemed to go smoothly, but there are a few programs which report
Segmentation Fault when I try to run them.  xfilemanager is the one that bugs
me the most, but there are a few others.  Can anyone help me by explaining
what Segmentation Fault means and how I might be able to fix it?

Bill Kennedy


1. Segmentation faults when installing Slakware

I am currently trying to setup slakware linux on a pc over NFS from, but the instalation process will go so far, then start
giving segmentation faults.  The problem may be related to using NFS
as I managed to setup the machine from floppies (copied from another machine
NFS mounting thesame partition!).  Unfortunately after the setup was complete,
and the machine running under it's own steam, it again would regularly
give segmentation faults!  

I have changed the ether card from an SMC card to a NE2000 compatable, I  
have changed the IO cards, the memory etc...  I can only think that it is
possibly something to do with the BIOS!? (American Megatrends 386sx 1.1
(yes I know it is only a poxy 386sx, but it is all I have available ;->))

The machine has 8mb of memory & I have moved the swap partition to a
different HD just in case that was a problem.

If anyone out there has any suggestion, or has had any similar problems, I
would apreciate hearing from you!


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