HELP: Philips CM260/206 installation

HELP: Philips CM260/206 installation

Post by Tim Worceste » Mon, 06 Nov 1995 04:00:00

I have installed v-1.2.2 with the cm206-0.29a patch.  I did the
installation from the  Slakware 2.3 disk set via my harddrive.  When the
system boots, I get the message Checking for CD... CD NOT found.  Why
can't the system find the CD at bootup?  Also after the boot process, I
can mount the Slakware CD into /cdrom, but it is very unreliable.  Most
of the time the mount is OK, but when I do a 'ls' most of the files and
directories are missing or garbled.  I don't have these problems when
accessing the CD from DOS or Win3.1.  Do I have a hardware problem, or is
the cm2060-0.29 patch not that reliable?

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Well I have the Yggdrasil 1.1.59 (Fall 94) version of Linux on CDROM.
THE problem is that I cannot install it because my CD is incompatible as
I suspect.

Address: 0x340

Anything that could help whould be appreciated a lot!


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