Red Hat 4.2 can't detect my Promise hard drive controller...

Red Hat 4.2 can't detect my Promise hard drive controller...

Post by Perry Pederso » Fri, 26 Dec 1997 04:00:00

    Hello there!

    I've been trying to install my Red Hat 4.2 Linux on my 4-month old
Gateway 2000 Pentium II 266, but it apparently cannot detect the hard
drive controller, which is a Promise Ultra 33 (product description at ).

    I've searched the Promise and Linux sites for a driver/patch, but I
haven't been successful.  The installation program says that it can't
detect any SCSI devices, and then when the partition information screen
comes up, I get a "can't detect any hard drives" message.

    I thought this problem might happen as my installation of both NT
4.0 and Win95 have required manufacturer's driver disks to have both
operating systems recognize the controller.

    If anyone has solved this problem, please let me know.  If there
isn't a current solution, I'll get my 486/100 out of storage and install
Linux on it-- it has two SCSI drivers and a common Adaptek controller.


Perry Pederson


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Here's the problem.  When I start the red hat installation to install from
the cd-rom, it goes fine until I get to the partitioning part.  At that
point the program only seems to recognize my zip drive as /dev/hdc and will
only run fdisk on it via the edit command on that menu.  I have a 6.4 gig
hard drive put into 4 partitions: 1 2.1 gig that is FAT16 and contains
win95, a 2nd 2.1 gig that is fat16 and is a logical drive and a 3rd 2.1 gig
partition that used to be a logical drive until I deleted it to make room.
I also have a 4th partition that is ~70 megs that is within the first 1024
cylinders.  I would welcome any suggestions on what I have done wrong and
what I can do to make them right again.

Jeff Bell

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