Netscape 4.51

Netscape 4.51

Post by Grace S. Mendoz » Wed, 28 Jul 1999 04:00:00

I tried the Redhat 6.0 and  got a problem in Netscape 4.51
configuration. Lately, I changed to another ISP and one
of their instructions is to configure the  browser with manual
proxies for HTTP and FTP.
I only got an errror message  that says "HTTP proxy is unknown"
everytime I click on the okay button. It doesn't accept what I
gave it.  Some sort of a bug?
I know that I'm using the correct DNS entry because if I use the
KDE file manager as my browser and using the same configuration,
it's gonna work fine.
Any ideas or workaround



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I have several Linux boxes running RedHat
6.0.  All but one have no problem starting a
Java console or running applets.  The one
that does just disappears as soon as the
message "Starting Java" comes up on the
status line at the bottom of the Netscape

The good ones are from upgrading RH 5.2 to RH
6.0; the bad one is from a fresh installation
of RH 6.0.  I've checked the Netscape files
to make sure they're the same on all boxes.

What am I missing here?  Any suggestions will
be appreciated.

Lam Dang

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