/dev/ ownership and permisions. Change at logon times?

/dev/ ownership and permisions. Change at logon times?

Post by Lowell Allema » Fri, 09 Mar 2001 17:11:46

Can someone explain to me how the permissions and ownership of the files
under /dev/ are supposto change as a user logs on?  (particularly the
following devices:  sound card, zip drive, cdrom, floppy drive..)

I've looked though a couple of books now, but none of them appear to touch
this topic specificly, So I'll appreciate anything you have to say on the

Thanks in advance!

Lowell C. Alleman


1. /dev/tty1 ownership changes to uucp

We have an application that drives a special purpous modem - all
drivers are present in the software. Getty is shut down and AIX 3.2.?
isn't even told about the port except to define it. The port is tty1
(S1, the second native serial port).

In order to use the port, the application login is set to own the port
during install. If it doesn't own the port, it can't access the modem
attached to it and the process doesn't work.

The problem is that the owenship of the port is changed to uucp under
several conditions (some known, some unknown). We do not want this
to happen! However, the only solution anyone can come up with is to
write a suid root program to change the ownership each time the modem
is accessed - this is only acceptiable if it is the only reasonable way,
(the other solution is a root cron job that changes the port - kludge!).

Is there a way to tell AIX that we have a special owner for this port?

Please respond by email.


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