re : Redhat 5.2 Installation from FTP problem

re : Redhat 5.2 Installation from FTP problem

Post by Dennis Yeun » Sat, 19 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Dear all,

I have two computers connected via LAN. One have NT Server with CD-ROM
installed, the other is a computer without a CD-ROM where I wish to install

The most straight forward way I can think of is starting the ftp service of
NT Server and map a virtual directory to the CD-ROM drive. Then I load the
boot floppy(came from the RedHat box) into the other computer and ask it to
install from FTP server.

The problem is the NT trancates all the filenames in the installation CD,
for example "XFree86-S3-" will become "Xfree86-.000". The
installation program just cannot find the required packages.

Does anyone encounter the same problem and what can I do?

Please also reply by email

Dennis Yeung


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Hello everyone

This is my first post to this group, thanks for being there. I've downloaded
RedHat 5.2 and tried to install it unsuccessfully: when I get to the point
of telling to the setup prog where to get the base and rpms dir, it can't
find them. I've tried to enable all caps dir names in Explorer but it didn't

I saw something weird tho, on one of the many installation tries, I tried to
use fdisk instead of druid and i saw that fdisk lists my partitions as
/tmp/hdax instead of /dev/hdax. I've installed Slackware before and my
partitions were /dev/hdax as they are supposed to be.

Please suggest something, thanks

Pierre Lavoie

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