Bad sound with RH7/CS4237B

Bad sound with RH7/CS4237B

Post by ecozz.. » Thu, 18 Jan 2001 00:00:41

Hi, I have a Dell Latitude CPi D266XT, which has a Crystal Semiconductor
4237B sound card. I've been running various incarnations of RedHat  on
it for a few years, but I recently got a bigger hard disk and installed
RedHat 7.0. Now I'm having some weird problems with sound. I frequently
play MP3s, and sometimes when I do certain things when I play MP3s --
such as scroll quickly in Netscape, or type in the editor of a Scheme
development environment that I'm using -- the playback gets distorted.
It sort of sounds like it's "underwater," if that makes any sense. This
occurs both when I play MP3s in XMMS and mpg123. My sound setup on
previous versions of RedHat was identical, and I never had this problem.
I tried installing ALSA, but the problem persists, and I've picked up a
new one: frequently I hear "static," particularly towards the end of MP3
files. Again, this happens with both XMMS and mpg123. The files
themselves are on a read-only NTFS partition, so I know they haven't
been corrupted.

FWIW, here's details on my setup:
RedHat 7.0 (dual-boot with Win2000... don't know if that could make a
difference -- I was dual-booting with Win95 before)
Kernel 2.2.16, CS4237B support compiled as a module (it's the CS4232
ALSA 0.5.10a

I know this is a pretty weird problem, and I probably didn't explain it
very well, but if anyone had a problem at all similar, I'd love to hear
suggestions on what I could do to fix it. I need my MP3s sounding good!


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I'm trying to get RealPlayer audio/video streaming on my
RedHat Linux 7.0 intel system, a dual processor Dell PIII
Precision 610 with an integrated Crystal CS4237B soundchip
(soundblaster compatible).

The error message from the Real Audio 7.01 Unix player is:

"Cannot open audio device, another application may be using it"

How can I determine what other application, if any, is indeed using
the audio device? Is there a test program which will tell me
whether the problem is a hardware or software problem?
I have RealPlayer working fine on RedHat 7 on my laptop, so I know
this is possible as long as the hardware is supported.


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