SuperProbe Problem

SuperProbe Problem

Post by Se?or Buen » Sat, 02 Aug 1997 04:00:00

I am trying to setup X windows and when I use SuperProbe my monitor goes
blank.  I have used the various code to prevent the 8bit problem but
still don't get any feedback from SuperProbe.  
486/33/8/424 and a trident video card...probably 8bit.
Pacom monitor


1. PLEASE HELP: SuperProbe cmd indicating a hdwr problem?

Hi. I am using a recently bought Diamond Stealth 64 2MB DRAM video card.
I'm trying to configure it for X but am having trouble.  When I run
SuperProbe cmd, it returns:
    1st video card: Generic VGA (or Unknown SVGA).

does this indicate a hardware problem of some sort? because it should find
S3 chip in Diamond Stealth shouldn't it?

this happens both when X->XF86_S3 or XF86_SVGA. I'm using XFree 3.1.2G.
2.0 kernel, 3.1 slackware. I can get card to work when using XF86_VGA16
server & 640x480 & 16 colors mode. card works perfectly under win95.
any & all help appreciated as this is becoming configuration nightmare
from hell. so many people are using this card successfully. WHY CAN'T
I? :-(


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