SUSE 6.1 (Kernel 2.2.7) Printer doesn't work

SUSE 6.1 (Kernel 2.2.7) Printer doesn't work

Post by Ralf Steinl » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Suse 6.0 worked on my machine very well I tried to install Suse 6.1. The
system is working but now my DJ500 won't print wiht the 2.2.7 kernel. I've
no idea what has happend because I got a new kernel with parallel support,
GPS-Filter is installed correctly. If I tried to print with the command
cat <textfile> > /dev/lp0 linux says, that it is not possible on this
The printer queue of KDE gives the message that the printer is not ready.

The printer is online and works with win98 without any problems.

At last I had other mysterios problems: the first time my new compiled
kernel crashed with kernel panic, after solving that problem (don't ask me
why it works now...) the mouse was disabeld - although der serial port was
enabeld - after some trials with new kernels the system recognized the
mouse again.




1. Serial Console w/ SuSE 6.1 doesn't work

Hello there,

I'm trying to bring a serial console to function.
First I configured my serial port for login via mingetty. That works fine as
long as the machine runs. After reboot the init tells me about "Respawning
too fast. Disabled for 5 minutes" and in the "F9"-screen (sorry whats the
correct term for it?) it says the device /dev/ttyS0 is not a character
device. By executing "setserial auto /dev/ttyS0" and invoking "init q" the
login is possible again ... until next reboot. Any suggestions further than
executing setserial during bootprocess?
The next problem is that I want the machine to give its entire boot-messages
to this first serial port. Compiling the serial console option into the
kernel (2.2.5) does not do it. The next time I excluded the support for the
console on a virtual terminal - didn't help me out - then I found the
serial-HOWTO and the text-terminal-HOWTO. That gave me the hint to edit the
console.c file. It's a little bit better now. In lilo.conf are the right
terms set to see boot messages, but when the kernel takes over control
(right after swap is up) the boot messages switch to the virtual terminal.
May anyone help me out of this?

Thanks a lot + Best regards


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