Help installing Linux on IBM PS/ValuePoint

Help installing Linux on IBM PS/ValuePoint

Post by lui.. » Thu, 28 Mar 1996 04:00:00

I'm desperately trying to install Linux on a ValuePoint. The bootdisk can't see
my hd. I don't know wheather I am entering the right information: mount (?)
When checking the partition, Linux finds my hd "busy". If you can help me,

if succesful. If I can't install Linux I think I will cut my veins. Aaaaaghhhhh!
Thnaks for your time.

1. Linux IBM PS/Valuepoint Install

Loaded Linux (v1.0.9) onto IBM PS Valuepoint 450DX2 (170mb
drive). System is strange in that it does not hold fixed disk
data in CMOS. This can be solved by entering the parameters
However FDISK in Linux gives error: 'Partition does not end on
Cylinder boundary'. This does not prevent installation.
Unfortunately when booting from LILO floppy, hardisk io error
Variety of error messages follow:
ie MINIX-fs unable to read superblock
   isofs read super_block failed (inode.c 74)
   HPFS: map_sector: read error
   Kernel Panic: VFS: Unable to mount root.
Re-installation incl Reformatting does not help. Has anyone
installed to a similar system? If so I would apppreciate any
ideas or suggestions you may have.
Geoff Malseed.  

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