Mass Migration from Microsoft Windows to .....

Mass Migration from Microsoft Windows to .....

Post by gold_.. » Fri, 20 Mar 1998 04:00:00

Buy linux cdrom for $5 (U.S. dollars) from -

A single linux cdrom contains more than 1500 software packages!
Purchase a Intel/AMD/Cyrix box for $600 (without microsoft
windows/DOS) from the local computer hardware store and save
$300 by avoiding Microsoft Windows! There are local hardware stores
who sell bare computer hardware only WITHOUT any pre-loaded software.

Linux applications are at :

Note: Some of the packages listed below are commercial and others
 are on the Linux cdrom.

Microsoft Windows for linux : Linux has WABI, WINE, VNC packages which
        runs all MS Windows 3.1 programs inside linux window!

MSDOS for linux : Linux has Dr. DOS from which
        runs all DOS programs inside a linux window!!
        See also DosEmu (DOS-Emulator) package

Microsoft SQLserver (RDBMS Database) : Linux has these databases -
        PostgreSQL -
        (see Database-PostgreSQL-HOWTO on cdrom)
        MySQL -  (from Sweden)
        Solid -  (from Finland)
        Addabas - (from Germany)
        YardSQL - (from Germany)
        Empress - (from U.S.)
        Interbase - (from Borland Corp)

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets : Linux has TeaPot, WingZ and NeXS.

Microsoft Win95 Desktop : Linux has KDE -
        Lesstiff - A industry standard Motif tool and Windows,
        Afterstep, Windowmaker (NeXTstep-lookalike),
        QVwm, fvwm95 (Win95-lookalike), amiwm (amiga), mlvwm (mac) etc.

Microsoft Internet Web server: Linux has Apache, Roxen Challenger,
        Netscape Fasttrack, Sun Microsystem's Java Web server.

Microsoft Internet Explorer: Linux has Netscape browser/communicator,
        Kfm (KDE Filemanager), Mosaic, Amaya, Arena, Sun Microsystem Hotjava,

Microsoft Win32 connectivity : Linux has SAMBA,
        and Netware connectivity with MARS-NWE.

Microsoft Word : Linux has Wordperfect 7.0, LyX, xdvi, XWord,
        Adobe Acrobat reader, FrameMaker, LaTex, SGML Tools,
        Jade, JadeTex.

Microsoft Office suite: Linux has StarOffice suite (from Germany),
        ApplixWare office suites, Coreldraw suites, SGML, Jade.

Microsoft Visual Basic: Linux has VisualTCL, SpecTCL

Microsoft Visual C++ : Linux has QT application framework C++ QtEZ,
        VIBE, Code Crusader, WipeOut, RHIDE, C-Forge
        XWPE - X Windows programming environment, XEmacs,
        Gnome, GNU C Compiler (C, C++, Objective-C)

Microsoft Exchange (Mail server): Linux has Sendmail, qmail, smail,
        exim, exmh package (mail-user-agent)

Microsoft JAVA : Linux has Java IDE "FreeBuilder", JccWarrior, Wipeout,
        Vibe, SunMicrosystem Java Workshop for Linux

Microsoft Mail/Lotus CCMAIL : Linux has ZMail, exmh, umt, xfmail,
        kmail, xmh, xcmail, soma, privtool, etc..

Microsoft Scheduler/Personal productivity tools: See the Personal
        Tools at

Microsoft Notepad : Linux has CRisp, vi, NEdit, Jed, EMACS, Joe,
        Elvis and several hundreds more... on cdrom

Microsoft Desktop Publishing : Linux has SGML tools, LaTex, Jade,
        JadeTex, FrameMaker, Corel office, Applixware, StarOffice.

AutoCAD CAD package: Linux has AC3D package at

Adobe Photoshop : Linux has GIMP at

Progamming languages : Linux has C, C++, Java, Lisp, Fortran, Perl,
        Python, Pascal, Intel X86 assembler, awk, sed, korn shell, zsh,
        bash, Tcl/Tk, Prolog, Rexx, Smalltalk, SQL and hundreds more
        on cdrom.

Try once. You will become die hard linux fan!!!!

Oops!! My Windows95 crashed now giving a ugly GPF fault!
Now, Mr.Bill Gates put down, I say, put down those ugly windows
disks and see the details given above.


Mass Migration from Microsoft Windows to .....

Post by Alexander Vi » Fri, 20 Mar 1998 04:00:00

>Buy linux cdrom for $5 (U.S. dollars) from -

>day in day out  LINUX,  LINUX,  LINUX,  LINUX,  LINUX,  LINUX,  LINUX
>Try once. You will become die hard linux fan!!!!

        WTFH? Where did this converted spammer crawl from? Remember you,
piece of sh^W^W^Wmarketeer: Linux is not SPAM. Not to mention the fact
that advertising Linux in c.o.l.* is kinda idiocy. And watch your steps:
as soon as your BI will reach 20 (you are close)...