CD-ROM not recognized - RH 5.2/MAD 16 Sound Card

CD-ROM not recognized - RH 5.2/MAD 16 Sound Card

Post by Mark R. Mille » Thu, 11 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Hello, all.

I'm basically a Linux newbie, but I've been a Unix app developer for
about ten years.

I'm having problems getting Linux (RH 5.2) to recognize my ATAPI CD-ROM.

The configuration:
Epson 486/DX2-66
Primary IDE controller with 2 hard disks (hda, hdb)
MAD-16 (Mozart) Sound Card with secondary IDE controller (IRQ 15)
ATAPI CD-Rom attached to Sound Card IDE port as master

Kernel: 2.0.36 as distributed in RH 5.2

If I add parameters to LILO, such as cdrom=/dev/hdc, the kernel will
detect my second IDE port, but will be unable to initialize the drive
(returns 0xFF for status).

During the install, I was only able to get my CD-ROM to work by starting
under DOS and loading from the CD-ROM. The boot disk would not find my
CD-ROM at all.

I tried recompiling the kernel to include MAD-16 support in the kernel,
but I kept getting an error message from sb_common.c that I needed to
configure the sound card. Isn't sb_common for sound blaster cards? It
didn't look like the MAD-16 support was getting compiled in!

Next, I looked at mad16.c and noticed a comment to the effect that I
needed to change some values in a header file to enable the IDE support
for the card. I haven't tried the changes yet, but that's next.

My questions:

Has anyone out there gotten a Mozart sound card IDE port to work with
their CD-ROM?
Is the sb_common.c file needed for MAD16 support, or am I doing
something wrong in "make xconfig"? (I am enabling sound support, but NOT
the Sound Blaster)
Am I on the right track by modifying the source as described in the
mad16.c comments?
Does the 2.2.1 kernel provide any more solid support for my IDE/CD-ROM

Thanks to all in advance. I'm looking forward to getting past these
basics and on to the "fun stuff".

Mark Miller


1. HELP:TOSHIBA CD-ROM XM-5302B & MAD16 Pro Sound Card

Hi, I just compiled a new kernel for my TOSHIBA CD-ROM XM-5302B & MAD16 Pro
Sound Card. Linux seems to recognize my CDROM at boot time, here is the output
of 'dmesg':

ide1: secondary interface on irq 15

But when I do
bash# mount -t iso9660 -r /dev/hdc /mnt
mount: fs type iso9660 not supported by kernel

bash# mount -r /dev/hdc /mnt
/dev/hdc: No such device

In fact, I have iso9660 filesystem compiled in my kernel:
bash# cat /proc/filesystems
nodev   proc
nodev   nfs

Also my MAD16 Pro Sound Card can not be detected by kernel at boot time,
which claims to be Sound Blaster Pro compatible. My setting is:
bash# cat /dev/sndstat
Sound Driver:2.90-2
Config options: 1402
Installed drivers:
Type 2: SoundBlaster
Card config:
(SoundBlaster at 0x530 irq 7 drq 0)

PCM devices:
Synth devices:
Midi devices:
MIDI Timers:
0 mixer(s) installed

My linux version is 1.2.3 running on a Pentium75 with 16MB. I have everything
else running: X, PPP, News, Mail, Netscape etc. Now I just need CDROM and
Sound supprt.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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