installing RedHat 5.1 via pcmcia ethernet

installing RedHat 5.1 via pcmcia ethernet

Post by Rick R » Tue, 08 Sep 1998 04:00:00

I am trying to install RH5.1 on a TI TravelMate 5300 laptop.  I don't have a
CD-ROM drive so I am relying on my 3com589c ethernet card to do a network
install.  The problem arises when I insert the supplemental disk to load
pcmcia services: cardmgr recognizes the card correctly, but then I get:

cardmgr[12]: executing './network start eth0'
cardmgr[12]: + ./network: /sbin/ifup: not found
cardmgr[12]: start cmd exited with status 2

Has anyone else had problems like this?  I can't continue the install,
obviously, because of the lack of a network connection.



1. Install Linux (RedHat 5.1) on Sharp Actius PC-A100 via PCMCIA 3c589 Ethernet

I'm failing to install Linux (RedHat 5.1) on a Sharp Actius PC-A100 via
Ethernet (3COM 3c589).  When booting with the RedHat floppies, the
interface card can send packets but does not receive them.
The ARP cache (/proc/net/arp) never contains
resolved entries and the interface receive counter (/proc/net/dev)
sticks at 0 to 4
(I am sending broadcast pings from other hosts that work).  Other hosts
hear and
respond to the Actius' ARP requests but it appears to not hear the

The same network card works fine in the Actius when running preinstalled
Windows 98.

If anyone can help me through this install, I'd sure appreciate it and
will make
sure the relevant info makes it onto the Linux for laptops pages.



Kenneth Duda

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