Slackware Install Question

Slackware Install Question

Post by John D. Kruz » Thu, 23 Feb 1995 14:36:21

I have the slackware distribution.
I am booting with Bare boot disk and either color144 or tty144.

The system ( a 486SX with 102Meg IDE drive partitioned as 90 Meg unix
native and 12 Meg swap; 8 Meg memory; Diamon Stealth; Lantastic Noderunner
Network Card;Soundblaster Pro)

I can boot from the boot disk and load the install program from the tty or
color distribution.  The setup program runs but the script for setting up
LILO is never called.  When the program is finished, it asks to create a
boot floppy.  I do this and the system will not boot from this new boot

I am using the A disk set and the default prompted install set.

I have read the Linux Howto, but this document indicates that a LILO
configuration should occur and it does not.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

John D. Kruzan - Physicist at Large