linux will not boot---Red Hat 6.0

linux will not boot---Red Hat 6.0

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Hello all,

[Note: I've tried to create both the auto-book diskette and to install
LILO, but it didn't work.  That is why I am trying the procedure

I've put in the auto-boot CD with Red Hat Linux 6.0.

At the "boot:" prompt, I type

vmlinuz root=/dev/hdb6

[ hdb6 is the root partition ]

then I get some error about a console not available or working....

everything went well during the Red Hat install...any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


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1. CRC error in Red Hat Linux 6.0 LILO Boot.

CRC error in Red Hat Linux 6.0  LILO Boot.

Dear Friends,

Hi! There. I have 2 hard disks on my pc. On my first hard disk (fat 32
file system 8  gb) I have  4 prtitions and windows 95 installed on it.
On my seconmd hard disk (2.5 gb) I am trying to install Linux. Teh
problem is that the installation goes on smoothly. The problem arises
that after rebooting in LILO boot when I enter Linux.. I get

crc error

-- System Halted.

Please could anybody give me a clue that why I am getting this problem.

Also please note that the hard disk on which I am installing Linux is a
Secondary master hard disk and 8 gb hard disk is primary master hard

Any type of help would be highly appreciated.

Thanks In Advcance


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