Disk Partitioning for Linux

Disk Partitioning for Linux

Post by Manjul » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I bought a copy of Open Linux eDesktop on Saturday. I'm new to linux

I initially used Partition Magic to partition my hard drive to
install Linux. Since its a 15 Gig HD, I wanted to devote roughly 7G
and 8G for windows and linux respectively. So I changed the
partition information during linux installation using the custom
mode. But windows still indicated the C: drive to have 12.5 GB even
though its supposed to have only 7 GB. So I probably did a dumb
thing by using the Gateway restoration CD and re-installing the OS
all over.

Afterwards, I went and deleted the linux and the swap partitions because I
wanted to start from scratch.

Now the fdisk window says the following:
There is only one partition left.

Partition Status: C:1
Satus: A
Volume Label: Gateway
MBytes: 7844
System: FAT 32
Usage: 53%

Total Disk Space is 14677 MBytes.

I'm not sure how to get back that lost space.



Disk Partitioning for Linux

Post by DeAnn Iw » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00


Quote:>Now the fdisk window says the following:
>There is only one partition left.

>Partition Status: C:1
>Satus: A
>Type: PRI DOS
>Volume Label: Gateway
>MBytes: 7844
>System: FAT 32
>Usage: 53%

>Total Disk Space is 14677 MBytes.

>I'm not sure how to get back that lost space.


        When you use Linux fdisk--or the equivalent routine provided
with your installation package (eg, Disk Druid for Red Hat)--you can
assign that free disk space to other partitions.  For example, if you
have only one Windows partition (C:, or hda1), then you could assign a
linux swap partition to hda2, a linux root (/) partition to hda3, and
a linux home partition to hda4.  Since you are dual booting, you may
want to keep all additional partitions as logical partitions in a
single extended partition.  Although IDE drives allow 4 partitions,
one of which may be an extended partition, Windows/dos only understand
one primary partition and one extended partition.


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