smail won't deliver my mail

smail won't deliver my mail

Post by David Houlde » Mon, 25 Nov 1996 04:00:00

First of all let me say that I am very new to Linux so if this is in an
faq or seems a stupid question please forgive me.
I have just installed smail 3.1.29 on my Slackware system. I am testing it
by just using mail to send to local users. I can mail to root with no
problems from every other user. However, if I try to mail to any user
other than root it fails and the message gets sent to postmaster. The error
shown is "Xfail: <djh> reason: (ERR133) transport local: failed to open
output file: Permission denied." It seems to be failing when writing to
the mailbox in /var/spool/mail. This directory is owned by root, group
mail and is rwx to both of these. It is r-x to others. I can get round the
problem by making the directory rwx to everyone but is this the right
thing to do. All users except root are in group users. I tried putting
them in group mail as well but this did not help.
Can someone help please.
Many thanks


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I'm running a FreeBSD 2.2.6 system that's giving me fits.

I have a user on the system whose userid is 'jones'.

If I enter '/usr/bin/mail jones', I can enter a subject, body,
and then send the message.  However nothing ever arrives in
/var/mail for jones.  I get no error messages, the postmaster
gets no error messages.  I've triple-checked the permissions
and owners on all the directories and executables I can think
of, and I've compared them with another 2.2.6 system that
works as it should.  The difference between the two systems
is the version of Sendmail - the non-functioning system has
Sendmail 8.9 on it.

BTW, if I run '/usr/libexec/mail.local jones', at least a
minimal message appears for jones in /var/mail (there are
minimal headers, etc in it).

I'm at wits end on this one.  Anyone have a clue what I've
 messed up?


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