Slackware 3.0 - BIOS32 boot problems

Slackware 3.0 - BIOS32 boot problems

Post by Keith McAliste » Sun, 25 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I have been running Linux 1.1.18 for some time, and decided to
move up to the ELF versions.

However I am getting nowhere with Slackware 3.0, which makes
bootdiscs(bootdisc144) which fail on my system offering the message:
"eata_dma: BIOS32 this release still depends on it". This message
is right after the Adpatec driver configuring message, but it goes
on to load other stuff (TCP, PPP etc) but then panics having failed
to mount the root partition! With the "ascsi" boot image I also get
"PCI_Probe" no BIOS32 message before the adaptec stuff gets going.

My kit is a 486DX/25, ISA bus, Adaptec 1542B, 16MB, 2 x 540MB
drives, SCSI-CD, and an Archive 150MB tape.

There is no PCI bus in my system, so that probe should fail, but why the
adaptec driver relies on BIOS32 is beyond me.

I have tried a number of boot images: scsi ascsi ascsinet1
scsinet1 but all have this problem. I have made no hardware
changes, and Linux 1.1.18 still works happily.

Any advice welcome as to a way forward?

Keith McAlister



1. linux slackware 3.0-BIOS32?

I have been trying to install Linux on a Gateway 486SX.  We
puchased the two disk set and I had no problem partitioning 250 Mb for
the new operating system.  The boot disk will recognize all of our
hardware including the IDE cdrom drive, but the kernel panics (VFS:
Unable to mount root fs on 21:00) when I try to install.  We have eight
Mb of ram and everything seems ok except that it crashes trying to look
for a ram disk.
        Earlier in the boot process "no BIOS 32 extensions present"
message appears and I wonder if this is the problem.  Is there a way to
correct this since our primary operating system is Windows 95?  I saw a
similar posting in another newsgroup, but does anyone know how to fix
the problem?

in more detail the error message is:
        RAMDISK: gzip header not found-continuing with conventional load
        . . . a whole bunch of numbers and stuff . . .
        end_request: I/O error, dev 2100, sector 2262496
        isofs_read_super: bread failed, dev 0x2100 iso_blknum 565624
        kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 21:00

:(  David

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