FTP works only for anonymous, yet telnet works fine for all

FTP works only for anonymous, yet telnet works fine for all

Post by John Hick » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I've seen this problem posted several times by others, but so far no
solutions posted!!

I can log in to my (Redhat 6.1) server via telnet just fine (for any
normal user).
But when I ftp in, I can't log in as anyone other than anonymous!
From my (Windows) ftp client, after giving my password, I get:
   530 Incorrect login
At the same time, on my server's message file, I get:
   PAM_pwdb [999]: authentication failure; (uid=0)

My users are *not* listed in ftpusers (as that is a list of users who
may *not* use ftp.
Could ftp be using a different set of passwords from telnet's?


--John Hicks


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We run a bulletin board system under dos (The MajorBBS). It has piper
tcp/ip installed and we use our novell network to connect the ethernet
to our Linux Box. Above all that our Linux box not only provides
internet access to The MajorBBS but it acts as a slip server to certain
people. While in slip mode no one can connect to the BBS system via
SLIP. Now also while in slip mode we can telnet to the Linux machine
and from the prompt telnet to the BBS system and everything works fine.
We can also telnet anywhere outside of our network, the internet. I
hope someone can help me on this one because I am stuck...

Thanks alot,
Jeremy Cowgar
BBS One OnLine Service

P.S. Please post replies via usenet (EMail system domain is in the
process of changing)

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