gdb problem (gdb 4.8, gcc 2.6.2)

gdb problem (gdb 4.8, gcc 2.6.2)

Post by Duncan P Simps » Fri, 20 Jan 1995 05:51:50

gdb 4.8 refuses to debug gcc 2.6.2 generated binaries and finds no symbols
in them (even when compiled with -g). Do I need a newer version and if so
were can I find one?

Duncan (-:


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I have the following code in a third party library:

// GeneralXEventHandler gets called for each event of the types we requested
// in RegisterObject().  We send the event to the Event() routine of the
// object the event belongs to.
void GeneralXEventHandler(Widget, XtPointer object, XEvent *xEvent,
Boolean *)
        UI_WINDOW_OBJECT *uObject = (UI_WINDOW_OBJECT *)object;
        // for debug
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ need a watchpoint right after assignment.
        UI_WINDOW_OBJECT *uObjectDup = (UI_WINDOW_OBJECT *)object;
        if (!uObject->screenID)
        UI_EVENT event(E_MOTIF, *xEvent);
        if (xEvent->type == KeyPress && event.rawCode == XK_Tab)
                _lastFocusEvent = KeyPress;
        else if (xEvent->type == ButtonPress)
                _lastFocusEvent = ButtonPress;

        if(uObject != uObjectDup) {
                l_fatal("object %p objectdup %p !!!!", uObject, uObjectDup);

I want to set a watchpoint on the contents of uObject after
initialization. The function is called quite a bit and I don't want to
do it manually on every call.
Is there a gcc directive to automate this?

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