RH install problem: prg ignoring ramdisk2!!!!!

RH install problem: prg ignoring ramdisk2!!!!!

Post by Erik Norm » Sun, 28 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Trying to install RH 3.0.3.

Ok! I know its kind of sick, but the installation program first reads
bootdisk and ramdisk1 and then prompts for ramdisk2. Soon the s**t
hits the fan. Upon first replacing floppy and then pressing return it
(BEFORE reading anything from floppy) starts hating me:

reading the new floppy takes zero time !!!(all dots appear imidiatly
when pressing CR). Below you can see how it looks..

With help of a friend who knows his way about Linux we concluded( to
belive ) that the program does not detect change of floppy, which
leads it to belive to again read ramdisk1, which take zero time since
its allready in memory...

using P60, no scsi, no net, no CD, bootimage 0000

it looks like this:

...             // fine so far
done            /reading ramdisk1
VFS: mounted root (ext2 filesystem)
RHL: insert ramdisk2 floppy     <enter>
loading..............Done               //took zero time
rm: not found
/bin/syslogd: not found

        Starting Redhat installation, this could take a few secs..

        excel() of install failed

Shutting down...


Cute ?   Not really to me anyway...

People:  HELP.

I would really appriciate any suggestions You might have..

/Erik Norman, Stockholm


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after several trials I managed to start the RH 6.2 installation manager using:
boot dkb0 -file kernels/generic.gz -flags "root=/dev/hdc"   in SRM.
When I choose KDE workstation installation in the installation manager I get the following error:
"An error has occured - no valid devices were found on which to create new filesystems. Please check
your hardwarefor the cause of this problem"

I have a Miata with 2 scsi HD's and I don't really know what kind of cd-rom.
Is this error due to a bad boot command in SRM or due to the fact that RH 7.0 is already installed
on the system ?.
If yes how do I remove it using SRM ?

Thanks a lot.


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