Error on setting up Linux 1.2.13 on a Windows 95 machine

Error on setting up Linux 1.2.13 on a Windows 95 machine

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        I had got Linux Kernel 1.2.13 installed on my machine (hardware
configuration will be shown later), together with MSDOS 6.22 and Windows
3.1. They all ran smoothly.

        However, when I upgraded my Windows 3.1 to Windows 95, problem came.

        I reorganized my two harddrives (Quantum LT-730A and Quantum
MV-540S) by first formatting both of them. After I had successfully
installed Windows 95, I started installing Linux 1.2.13 using the
bootdisk and rootdisk generated. (I kept the copy of these two after I
had installed Linux previously.) However, kernel paniced when I switched
the bootdisk to rootdisk:

        ----------- start quote ---------------
      stuff omitted

VFS: Disk change detected on device 2/28
Corrupted input
RAMDISK: gzip header not found -- continuing with conventional load
[MS-DOS FS Rel. 12, FAT 12, check=n, conv=b, uid=0, gid=0, umask=022]
[me=0xff, cs=32385, #f=255, fs=65409, fl=65409, ds=33024, de=65535,
data=37215, se=65535, ts=-1, ls=65535]
Transaction block size=512
UMSDOS Beta 0.6 (Compatibiity level 0.4, fast msdos)
[MS-DOS FS Rel. 12, FAT 12, check=n, conv=b, uid=0, gid=0, umask=022]
[me=0xff, cs=32385, #f=255, fs=-65409, fl=65409, ds=33024, de=65535,
data=37215, se=65535, ts=-1, ls=65535]
end_request: I/O error, dev 2100, sector 2180576
isofs_read_super: bread failed, dev 0x2100 iso_blknum 545144
kernel panic: VFS: unable to mount root fs on 21:00

        ---------- end quote ------------------

        Then the machine hanged.

        I tried for a few times by generating the new set of boot and
root disks but the problem still existed.

        I don't think that there is a conflict with the hardware
configuration since the system ran sucessfully on my machine before. But
anyway, here is the hardware configuration:

        Intel P5-90
        ASUS P54SP4 motherboard
        Two harddisks:

        Quantum LT-730A
        Quantum MV-540S

        Both of them were formatted with MSDOS 6.22 initially.

        Could anybody help?

        Personal reply is appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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