Help! Debian on a IBM PS2.

Help! Debian on a IBM PS2.

Post by Brian Landr » Mon, 20 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I'm trying to install Debian Linux on a IBM PS2 Model 80/386. I've
downloaded his January 11th 997 release of there Bootdisk but have no luck
with it.I'm relatively green with Linux. I used rawrite on the Bootdisk gz
file to write it to a floppy. I noticed that while other Bootdisks that I
made with rawrite wrote up to track 33, this one only wrote to 22. I may be
doing something wrong. Don't know. If anybody can help i'd appreciate it.


1. Problems with IBM PS2...please help

A friend of mine is trying to get linux working on his PS2 but is having
problems.  He does not have access to a machine that can read news so
he asked me to post this article.  

I'm having trouble booting the Linux distribution root disk.
The kernel will boot but when prompted for the root disk
I get floppy I/O error .. unable to find Superblock... wrong
block size.  Before I go into more detail, would you mind posting
a message to comp.os.linux asking if an IBM PS2 35SX-25MHZ (ISA BUS)
is compatible w/ Linux.

If you have any information that could help figure out what is going



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