Updates to my DIY Red Hat Installation page

Updates to my DIY Red Hat Installation page

Post by Rod Smi » Thu, 27 May 1999 04:00:00

I've just finished updating my Do-It-Yourself Red Hat Linux Installation
web page to cover Red Hat 6.0.  There aren't really that many changes
since 5.2, except that changes in the Linux kernel now make Adaptec's Easy
CD Creator an acceptable tool for creating a Red Hat 6.0 install CD.

My page covers creating a Rock Ridge or Joliet CD for installing Red Hat
(or Mandrake) Linux.  It includes links to a number of sites that have CD
image files, as well as instructions on creating your own.  There's also
information on installing from a FAT or FAT-32 partition on your hard disk
(though I've not checked that this still works with RH 6.0).  Anyhow, if
you want to download Linux yourself, you may want to give this web site a
visit first:


Rod Smith

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1. Red Hat CD-R/FAT-32 installation page updated


I've just updated my Red Hat 5.0/5.1 CD-R and FAT-32 installation web
page.  This page describes how to burn your own Red Hat CD, with a focus
on doing this from Windows (though much of the information is useful to
those doing it from other OSes, too).  It also describes how to get the
Red Hat installation routines to do an install from a FAT-32 partition.
This much is nothing new.  The new stuff is mainly clarifications and
expansions of some of the material that had been there before, including
tips on creating bootable CDs, preserving permissions in Windows, etc.
So if you want to create your own Red Hat CD or install it from a FAT-32
partition, check it out:


Rod Smith

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